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Winmail Server can be downloaded for free. Try our TRIAL version for a full 30 days. This trial edition supports up to 20 mailboxes. After 30 days, registration is affordable and easy. If you are not satisfied with our product we will give you a full refund with our 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

     Please check your service date, before you install 5.1.

Notice: If you install 5.1, you can't go back to 5.0 or older!

 Winmail Server 5.1 (Build 0718)
Full Package (Server, Administration)

(07/18/2013 Size: 63,865 KB)
Local Download View new features
 Winmail Server Administration 5.1
(Build 0620) (07/18/2013 Size: 6,309 KB)
Local Download
 Winmail Extensions 2.0 for Outlook, Outlook Express
(02/17/2009 Size: 627 KB)
Local Download a Free Outlook, Outlook Express Plug-in utility. for Winmail 4.7,4.8,4.9,5.0,5.1.
 Help File (chm Format)
(07/18/2013 Size: 1,325 KB)

     Winmail older version [keep for register user]

 Winmail Server 5.0 (Build 0620)
Full Package (Server, Administration)
(06/20/2012 Size: 50,321 KB)
Local Download
 Winmail Server 4.9 (Build 0725)
Full Package (Server, Administration)
(07/25/2010 Size: 40,996 KB)
Local Download
 Winmail Server 4.8 (Build 0811)
Full Package (Server, Administration)
(08/11/2010 Size: 29,870 KB)
Local Download
 Winmail Server 4.7 (Build 0217)
Full Package (Server, Administration)
(02/17/2009 Size: 22,085 KB)
Local Download
 Winmail Server 4.4 (Build 1124)
Full Package (Server, Administration)
(04/16/2007 Size: 18,982 KB)
Local Download

     Useful Tools and Sites

 wmopener  Read and Extract Files from Winmail.dat
    Standard Anti-Virus Test File eicar    DNS tools (DNS timing, tracert, ping, smart WHOIS lookup, NetGeo, etc.).
 Active Ports v1.4
(size: 462 KB)
  Download GUI program report all open TCP/IP and UDP port and relevant program. Support: NT4/2000/XP
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