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      Configure Email Client Software: Netscape
Use Netscape as the email client software to receive and send your email messages. Software: Netscape Communicator
Version: 4.7

1) After loading Netscape Composer, choose Edit -> Preferences:

2) In the pop-up windows "Prefernces" £¬click "Mail & Newsgroup" and then select"Identity":

3) Add your personal information.

4) Click on Mail Servers icon in the same window. Enter your domain name for "incoming mail server".
Put your username in the Mail server user name box.
The SMTP server:

5) Click "Edit" button in the "Mail Server" dialog window. In the new pop-up window "Mail Server Properties"£¬Enter "" to the Server field, select POP3 server as server type, and fill "test" in the User Name field:

6) Click "OK" to Finish.


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